Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall, What Happened?

Samsung officially announced on Thursday, October 13, 2016 that they were going to recall all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 across all retail outlets due to the recent reported issues of the replacement devices battery still exploding and catching on fire. While Samsung still continues to investigate exactly what is causing the device to malfunction, many are left with the question of what exactly is happening?

The type of lithium ion battery used is a new type of technology that most phone and mobile device manufacturers have starting utilizing in recent years. The consumer industry wants quicker charge times, longer battery life and thinner phones. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was advertised to offer just that. However, it appears that people report the phone gets very hot when charging, especially on the fast rapid charge mode. It leads many to believe that it is not allowing the other internal components (ie. the battery) to cool down in time and thus causing the battery to overheat, resulting in the phone exploding and catching on fire. If you have never seen a lithium ion battery explode and want to see how easy it can happen, please see examples here.

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